Ferrigno Legacy Judging


Competitors will be judged by 7 NPC Judges based on NPC criteria. Comparisons will be conducted. Call outs and position do not determine final placing. Final placing will be determined at the night show and is subject to change based on your night show conditioning. REGISTER HERE.

Night Show

Final judging will take place along with routines for bodybuilding. Overall winners will be determined and announced. All competitors will be inlcuded in the night show.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on NPC criteria. Please visit the NPC Website Rules Page for specific regulations.



DATE: IFBB PRO Divisions - Friday November 28, 2014


NPC Divisions - Saturday, November 29, 2014




Granada Theatre: 1214 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101




For internet directions go to: www.FerrignoLegacy.com/directions




No video equipment is allowed in the auditorium. 2. No professional photography is allowed. 3. No soliciting of photo or video services is allowed on the premises. 4. No camera bags or equipment are allowed in the auditorium. 5. Spectators who have purchased a ticket are allowed access to the event with one (1) camera only.




Holiday Inn Express, Santa Barbara


17 W Haley St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel: 805-963-9757








Friday, November 28, 2014
8:00 AM Check-ins for IFBB Pros


10:00 AM IFBB Pro Pre-Judging
2:00 PM NPC Registrations - PRE-REGISTER HERE
6:30 PM IFBB Pro Finals


Saturday, November 29, 2014
10:00 NPC Pre-Judging
6:00 NPC Finals




This competition is open to all NPC registered athletes who meet the following requirements: 
1. Possess a current NPC card (unregistered athletes may purchase cards for $100.00, which is valid thru December 31, 2014). NPC cards available at check-in. 
2. Masters classes include: Men’s Bodybuilding Masters, over 40, 50 & 60. Master's Men's Physique over 35. Master’s Figure over 35 and 45. Master’s Bikini over 35. 
3. Teenage Men must not have reached their 20th birthday on the day of the show. (Masters & Teens must show proof of age, i.e., driver’s license, birth certificate). 
4. All competitors under the age of 18 require parent’s permission by verbal confirmation on site or written permission.
5. No cross-overs between figure division and bikini division are allowed.




NOTE: Each contestant may enter more than one division at a cost of $105 per division. Athletes may change or add divisions no later than Friday night check-in. 
6. Any competitor who fails to check-in on Friday night will be disqualified and no refund may be issued.


7. No refunds






Men’s Unlimited Bodybuilding 
-Bantamweight up to and including 143 1/4 
-Lightweight over 143-1/4 up to and including 154 1/4 
-Middleweight over 154 1/4 up to and including 176 1/4 
-Light-Heavyweight over 176 1/4 up to and including 198 1/4 
-Heavyweight over 198 1/4 up to and including 225 1/4 
-Super Heavyweight over 225 1/4

Men's Physique ABCDEF
-Up to & including 5'7" (A) 
-Over 5'7" up to & including 5'8" (B) 

-Over 5'8" up to & including 5'9" (C) 
-Over 5'9" up to & including 5'11" (D) 
-Over 5'11" up to & including 6' (E) 
-Over 6' (F)

Teen Men's Physique
(13 - 19 Yrs. Old) One Class 



Men’s Novice Bodybuilding
-Light Weight - up to 165 1/4 lbs. 
-Middle Weight - 165 1/4 to 187 1/4 lbs. 
-Heavy Weight - over 187 1/4 lbs. Teen Men’s Teen Bodybuilding 
(13 - 19 Yrs. Old) One Class


Masters Figure 

Women's Physique ABCD
-Up to & including 5’2” (A)
-Over 5’2” up to including 5’4” (B)
-Over 5’4” up to including 5’6” (C)
-Over 5’6” (D)

Masters Men's Physique 
- 35+
- 45+


Men’s Masters Bodybuilding (One Class Each) 
-Masters - 40+ 
-Grand - 50+ 
-Ultra - 60+


-Up to and including 5’1” (A)
-Over 5’1” and up to and including 5’ 2 1/2" (B)
-Over 5’2 1/2” and up to and including 5’4” (C)
-Over 5’4”and up to and including 5’5 1/2” (D)
-Over 5’5 1/2” and up to and including 5’7” (E)
-Over 5’7" (F)

Masters Bikini (35+) 
One Class

One Class

Teen Bikini
One Class

Women’s Figure ABCDEF 
-Up to and including 5’1” (A)
-Over 5’1” and up to and including 5’2-1/2” (B)
-Over 5’2-1/2 and up to and including 5’4” (C)
-Over 5’4” and up to and including 5’5-1/2” (D)
-Over 5’5-/12 and up to and including 5’7” (E)
-Over 5’7” (F)





CD or Thumb Drive ONLY(no cassettes). Each CD must contain only one song (music mixing allowed) and must bear the contestant’s name. Each contestant is responsible for picking up his/her music at the Evening Show. Ferrigno Legacy will not accept liability for music left behind.




Bodybuilders and women’s physique from each category will perform up to a 60 second posing routine. 




Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini/Fitness/Physique competitors go to: http://npcnewsonline.com/rules for posing suit requirements.




$100.00 until August 1, 2014
$125.00 until August 1 - October 28, 2014
$160.00 on or later than October 29, 2014
Online Registration only. No Refunds.
For questions, call Chris Minnes at (775) 375-LIFT (5438), or email [email protected]